HF5-8 piston air compressor sent to Cameroon

1. Large stroke, low speed and long life.
2. Small compression ratio, higher efficiency, and more power saving.
3. High thermal efficiency, the adiabatic efficiency of the unit can reach about 0.7~0.85.
4. The flow adjustment adopts the auxiliary volume, which is simple, convenient and reliable.
5. The compressor's dynamic balance performance is particularly good, the first-order inertial force can be fully balanced, the moment of inertia is also very small, and the speed can be increased by 1 to 1.5 times compared with the horizontal type.
6. The main parts are produced using advanced numerical control processing equipment, with high precision and high reliability.
7. Simple and compact structure, low fuel consumption, low noise, stable operation and long service life.
8. The intermediate cooling buffer improves the efficiency of the compressor, reduces the power consumption, reduces the exhaust temperature, and prolongs the service life of 10.   
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